antique bistro game jeu de grenouille







3 pieces


unterside of the back, there is changed a small wooden board

not to see at the front of the game


some small wooden reparations


antique bistro game jeu de grenouille


antique bistro game / fancy fair game

" jeu de grenouilles "-  "jeu de tonneau "

France, ca 1900 !!

this is really an old one !

beautiful old patina


 acceptable condition

but  of course traces of use and age

some  simple reparations, but not disturbing !

the game is complete and perfect to use !

65 cm x 60 cm/ height 80 cm -  88 cm / whole 5 cm

the frog 16 cm


Extrait du catalogue Filets & Articles de pêche ……. Jeux de jardin, Jeux de salon BESSONNEAU





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