la mouche mysterieuse antique society game



you have a little disc with different questions

& you have to put the disc with a question on

the question mark.

then, the fly will move around to find the answer

in one of the little boxes


the bottom of the game/ box needs to be glued again.

why ?

the fly isn't working and the system needs to be revised



antique dexterity toy/ society game

La Mouche Mysterieuse "

with question and answer

you ask something, and the fly looks for the right answer !

ca 1900/1920

edited by Simonin -Cuny, Paris

very beautiful lithography with little children/ musicians

complete !

acceptable condition

but used

needs a revision, the fly isn't flying anymore

damaged box

28 cm x 22 cm x 6 cm

11" x 9" x 2,4"


info :